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The days of purchasing The Immortal Augustus Gladstone exclusively from our website are over (though you can still buy it that way if you like). Augustus is now available on iTunes so if you haven’t already, now is the time to gather your friends, roommates, family and anyone else and watch Augustus! (And don’t forget to rate it! We’d really appreciate it!)


For a few weeks we’ve been working on AWOL in P-TOWN a small game/toy that utilizes gigapixel technology and now it’s live. The gist of it is this: Augustus and his stuff are scattered all over the city of Portland. Using stereo tones and visualization (otherwise known as SONARVISION!) you track down Augustus and his stuff. Or just explore every nook and cranny of Portland.

And for a limited time, if you find every item, we are giving away things. Which we think is kind of cool.

We’re still making changes and additions! Music coming soon!


Otherwise titled… Everything you wanted to know about Augustus Gladstone but were afraid to ask! Including, but not limited to…

  • His birth in 1856 (on Christmas day)
  • A brief timeline covering some of the most important events in his life
  • 2011 – His discovery and use of YouTube
  • 2011 – The production of this documentary film about his life
  • 2014 – The merchandising of Augustus Gladstone 😉

For the full-sized PDF (with links to everything AUGUSTUS GLADSTONE) click the above image.

Or to click here to go to The Immortal Augustus Gladstone website.

Do you want to talk to us? We want to talk to you! So come spend some time with us during our live screening of The Immortal Augustus Gladstone this Monday, Feb. 24th, at 7:00pst. Writer/Director Robyn Miller (me) and Producer Mischa Jakupcak will be on hand to answer (via audio) your questions during the show.

This is how it works: we’ll all be watching the film together, you ask the questions, any questions, whatever you like, and we’ll be sitting in front of a couple of (super high fidelity) microphones in our (super high fidelity) studio, and we will pretend to be sophisticated and worldly… and a little snobby. We’ll kind of provide a running commentary.

Think of this as an AMA but we’re all watching our film and eating popcorn together. (We do not provide the popcorn.)

By the way, the screening is FREE, or whatever you decide to give. But you can still get your tickets now.

IAG - IMG_5730-X3

For those of you who couldn’t make it to our Friday night screening of The Immortal Augustus Gladstone in L.A. at the Cinefamily theater, here are a few photos… wishing you were there with us!

IAG - IMG_5829-X3Claire Costa was on hand to provide live music before the film. Thanks Claire!

IAG - IMG_5743-X3

IAG - IMG_5903-X3Above, from left to right, Producer, Mischa Jakupcak; Writer/Director, Robyn Miller; Director of Photography, Matt Daniels; Makeup and Hair stylist, Erin Walters; Founder of Boing Boing, Mark Frauenfelder.

Q&A after the event was moderated by Boing Boing’s Mark Frauenfelder.

More photos of the event at Augustus Gladstone facebook page. Photos by Sean Porter.

Hey Los Angeles! Or anyone else who can make it to L.A.! You are invited to a free and exclusive screening for my first feature film, The Immortal Augustus Gladstone. Reserve your tickets for this Saturday, February 8, 2014 from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM (PST) at the Cinefamily Silent Movie Theatre on Fairfax in West Hollywood.

From the creator of Myst comes a genre-defying tale of mystery, alienation and love in the digital age. Meet Augustus Gladstone, an eccentric who craves celebrity and connection via social networks. Augustus charms his fans with claims of immortality and a glamorous life history. But a documentary film crew prods too deeply into Augustus’ private life, raising questions about truth, identity, and friendship.

There will be live music before the show and, after the screening, there will be a Q&A with Mark Frauenfelder, the founder of Boing Boing. We hope to see you there.

Reserve your tickets here.

The 19 pieces above are chosen from the The Immortal Augustus Gladstone soundtrack. Listen and enjoy! Tell me what you think!

You can download the soundtrack here for any price you can afford to pay (from $0 – $1000)! I’d love as many people as possible to hear and enjoy it so please help by spreading the word!

Please don’t feel bad for downloading it for free! Anyone who wants to listen to my music is a friend of mine! But if you can afford to contribute, and help me to make more films and music in the future… you rock!

NOTE: Soundtrack includes 24 Mp3 files (48khz 320kbps), one readme, and one jpeg file. Files can be dragged directly into iTunes or any music application.

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 1.59.24 PMThe follow is a quote from today’s review of The Immortal Augustus Gladstone in The Washington Post…

Miller’s first feature film,“The Immortal Augustus Gladstone,” is less open-ended [than Myst], beginning with a shot of a gravestone that foreshadows a morbid conclusion quite different from the implication of its title.

The strangely poetic movie, however, is similarly characterized by an enigma.

That enigma is Augustus himself…

To read the entire review, written by Michael O’Sullivan, click here!

shot above: Mischa Jakupcak during Augustus’ tea party


We are extremely honored. Megan Griffiths, the amazingly talented director of Eden, The Off Hours, and Lucky Them has chosen our film, The Immortal Augustus Gladstone as one of her top ten films of 2013 for Paste magazine. Thank you Megan!

And if you haven’t yet had a chance to see any of Megan’s films, you shouldn’t waist any time doing so! Her work is consistently powerful and… kick ass!