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Augustus still hasn’t returned and now we’re pretty much running out of things to shoot. We’re probably getting more B-roll then we’ll ever even look at. It’s a weird place to be… the subject of documentary has vanished and the Producer and I are trying to find things for the crew to do. Understandably, I don’t think any of them are thrilled about the aimlessness of this.

I taken some of this down time, yesterday and today, to begin reviewing some of our footage to date, and have dipped my toes into the editing. Hopefully I can get a rough cut scene or two up within the next few days.

A quick update. As you’re aware if you follow this blog, the trip to Vegas started out well. Without going into all the details, it really went downhill from there. Augustus became even more upset upon our returned to Portland. At this point we’re searching for Augustus; he literally ran off a few days ago. We are obviously concerned. But I am personally sure he’ll return; at the very least I’m sure he wants to see us again (he didn’t even say goodbye). In the meantime, we’re visiting all the places he usually visits, and talking to all of his acquaintances… we’re trying to find some news of him.