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Greetings!  I am the producer of this film. My name is Mischa Jakupcak. I have been working in independent filmmaking in the Northwest for the past seven years. This production is markedly different from my past projects in a few ways. First off, its refreshing and liberating to be working with such a small crew! Most films I have worked on had 50-90 crew members. We, however, are operating with a small, handpicked crew of 12 talented individuals. This gives us a lot more freedom to grab shots in various locations and offers our team an element of agility which a crew of 70 could not dream of having. We are using the Canon 5d, which was originally designed as a still camera that journalists could use to take video notes. So because it looks like a still camera, it is less intrusive and lends itself to allowing our camera team to capture footage without intimidating Augustus or other interviewees with a large cumbersome camera.

Also most of the films I have worked on in the past have been fictional narratives, so it feels refreshing to be following an actual person and trying to find Augustus’ story as we go along, rather than having a script and know exactly where we will be on any given day. One challenge is that each member of our team must fulfill several different roles. For instance, I feel like I am production coordinator, production manager, travel coordinator, accountant as well as producer. But its a fun challenge and I think we are getting some great stuff.

I will be adding a few updates to the blog because Robyn, our director, is pretty busy with filming. Filming has been going pretty well. Augustus has been occupied lately researching and working on his family tree. He thinks he has located a guy in Las Vegas who he is related to. His spirits are high and we are excited about where this may lead.

Feel free to post questions regarding production or about the project.