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A quick update. As you’re aware if you follow this blog, the trip to Vegas started out well. Without going into all the details, it really went downhill from there. Augustus became even more upset upon our returned to Portland. At this point we’re searching for Augustus; he literally ran off a few days ago. We are obviously concerned. But I am personally sure he’ll return; at the very least I’m sure he wants to see us again (he didn’t even say goodbye). In the meantime, we’re visiting all the places he usually visits, and talking to all of his acquaintances… we’re trying to find some news of him.

Augustus Gladstone has been on a mission to locate any relatives he can find over the past few weeks. After doing a bit of research at a family tree website, he now believes he’s found his last and only living relative, who now lives in Las Vegas. His spirits are high and my assistant just informed me that Augustus has bought an airline ticket to Vegas in hopes of tracking down this relative and meeting him.

Apparently Augustus is wasting no time: his flight is in two days! This puts our production and crew in sort of a bind to scramble and get travel plans arranged in time to follow him to Vegas. When on location, it may be challenging for me to keep current with the blog, but I’ll try to write a few updates from the road. It should be an adventure, since Augustus has never been on a plane before: he seems to be excited. He also has some obvious trepidation about visiting ‘Sin City’. Vegas, here we come!